SMAK Oval Brush Set - 10Pcs Black

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  • SMAK Oval Brush Set - 10Pcs Black
  • SMAK Oval Brush Set - 10Pcs Black
  • SMAK Oval Brush Set - 10Pcs Black
  • SMAK Oval Brush Set - 10Pcs Black
  • SMAK Oval Brush Set - 10Pcs Black
  • SMAK Oval Brush Set - 10Pcs Black

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The SMAK 10 piece Oval Makeup Brushes for various applications, Small to Xtra Large.

What makes our brushes different?

The SMAK Oval Brushes are made exclusively with well selected raw fiber, a revolutionary, engineered fiber made for professional application of cosmetic and makeup products.

Their uses include foundation coverage, contouring each section of your face, concealers, eyeshadows, lip and eyebrow sculpting.

An angular, oval, versatile brush surface that is compatible with liquids, creams, powders and primers.

The softest, but densely packed, highest quality synthetic hair, for a flawless, streak free application. Cruelty Free, no animal hair is used in our products.

The brushes absorb very little cosmetics and creams saving you money.

No matter what angle you move the brush; the bristles are always in contact with your skin.

The softness and density of the brushes helps bring out the pigment of dark shadows which is much more difficult with traditional eye shadow brushes. This is ideal for darker skin colours and uses much less product when applying to the skin.

The ideal brush set for the most sensitive and delicate skins.

The nylon, flexible, sculpted handles are perfect for precise makeup application and stability.

The tilted handle allows you to hold the brush comfortably by resting your index finger on the slanted portion of the handle. This technique enables you to use soft pressure perfect for light, feathery blending to complete a natural looking finish.

They are super easy to clean.



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Oval Brush Uses

How to Clean Your Brushes:

  1. Place the brushes in warm water.
  2. Apply a small amount of gentle shampoo or SMAK Beauty Soap to the brushes and work it into a light lather.
  3. Rinse the brushes thoroughly under running water.
  4. You will notice that the water pouring off the brush is tinted from the products you have used. Continue rinsing until the water runs clear.
  5. Allow the brushes to air-dry.

Also get the Brush Spa for only R145

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SMAK Oval Brush Set - 10Pcs Black

Great & quick service

Very happy with product.

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Oval Brush Set

This is definitely worth every cent. Thanks for the quick delivery and feedback on order processes :-)

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SMAK Oval Brush Set - 10Pcs Black