Magnetic Mink Eyelashes - #1 Dark Dramatic

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  1. There are 2 layers of eyelashes for each eyelid. One on top of your lashes, one at the bottom of your lashes. Each layer has 2 tiny little magnetic strips attached to them.
  2. This means you have 4 layers of eyelashes for 2 eyes.
  3. You will see by the shape and the curve of the eyelashes, which is the bottom one and which is the top one.
  4. The shorter eyelashes go towards your inner eye, the longer eyelashes are for the outside corner of your eye.
  5. False eyelashes are designed to fill the outer corner of your eye and then go inwards. You may find that the shorter inner eyelashes do not go all the way to your inner eye. That is fine, that is how they are supposed to fit.
  6. You will need to find the process that suits you best when applying them, but this is how we attach our magnetic eyelashes.
  7. We find it does help to apply one or two layers of mascara to your own eyelashes. This does give them a bit more strength and helps to apply the magnetic eyelashes.
  8. Take the top layer of magnetic eyelashes and line them over the top of your own eyelashes, so your own eyelashes are supporting them in position. Try not to blink or move your eye.
  9. Next, line up the bottom magnetic lashes to match the top layer of magnetic lashes and click them into place over your own eyelashes.
  10. You may need to jiggle them about into position and line the magnetic strips up a bit more to make sure they close completely and you do not have gaps.
  11. That is how simple it is, some customers do find it necessary to practice and play with fitting their magnetic eyelashes a couple of times before they are completely satisfied with the end result and comfort.
  12. Once you have applied your magnetic eyelashes properly, you will not miss a day wearing them. They are extremely comfortable and make you look gorgeous without all the fuss of sticky messy glues, sticky fingers and irritated eyes.
  13. To take them off simply pull them off, without pulling your own eyelashes off.

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